SoundEye 2011 Timetable

Wednesday 13th July 2011 – 19.00 – 21.30: Tribute to Patrick Galvin

Thursday 14th July 2011
12 – 13.30: David Lloyd, Trevor Joyce, Keith Tuma
15.00 – 16.30: Gerry Loose, John James, Matthew Sweeney
20.00 – until late: Black Sun at SoundEye

Friday 15th July 2011
12 – 13.30: Scott Thurston, Samantha Walton, Steve Willey
15 – 16.30: cris cheek, Randolph Healy, Karen Mac Cormack
20.00 – late Cous Cous (venue Cork County Cricket Club)

Saturday 16th July 2011
12.00 – 13.30: Reitha Pattison, Jow Walton, Rachel Warriner
15.00 – 16.30: James Cummins,  Justin Katko, Mark Weiss
20.00 – 21.30: Peter Manson, Steve McCaffery, Alice Notley

Sunday 17th July 2011
12.00 – 13.30: Fergal Gaynor, Thomas McCarthy, Geoffrey Squires

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This year’s venue

We are delighted to announce that this year’s SoundEye will be on at theTriskel Christchurch SoundEye was last in the Triskel in 2003, but it will be great to be in the new Christchurch space, it’s a beautiful and fitting setting for the fifteenth anniversary. Pictures and information about the space here:

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More to the pile …

We have recently confirmed with Justin Katko, Thomas McCarthy and Posie Rider who will be reading during the festival this July. We also got a mention in the Irish Times on Saturday and will be announcing our venue shortly. Exciting times!

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Readers for 2011 festival

Things are starting to take shape for the festival. This year we will have 27 readers over nine readings. So far the confirmed readers are: Andrea Brady, cris cheek, James Cummins, Fergal Gaynor, Randolph Healy, John James, Trevor Joyce, David Lloyd, Gerry Loose, Karen Mac Cormack, Peter Manson, Steve McCaffery, Marianne Morris, Alice Notley, Reitha Pattison, Geoffrey Squires, Matthew Sweeney, Keith Tuma, Jow Walton, Rachel Warriner, Mark Weiss, and Steve Willey. More information will follow as we confirm the final slots.

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SoundEye 2011

SoundEye 2011 will be the fifteenth anniversary of the festival, so it’s going to be a good one. It will take place in Cork on the 13th -17th of July. We will keep this page updated with details of readers sooner to the date.

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