SoundEye 2012

SoundEye 2012

13th – 15th July

This year’s SoundEye festival is going to be a much smaller, more intimate affair than in previous years. Generously supported by the Cork City Council, The School of English, UCC and the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC, and The Guesthouse, we will host twelve poets over three days. We are pleased to be taking part in the Avant Festival again this year, which runs from the 6th – 15th of July and will be hosting a number of events to coincide with the festival, including a talk by Simon Jarvis on Thursday 12th hosted by Enclave Review, and the launch of S.A.F.E.’s latest album on the night of the 13th.


Friday 13th July

2-3pm: Trevor Joyce and Simon Jarvis

5-6pm: Sarah Hayden and Peter Manson

Saturday 14th July

12-1: Lisa Jeschke and Peter Hughes

4-5: Swantje Lichtenstein and Augustus Young

8-9: Mike Wallace-Hadrill and Sean Bonney

Sunday 15th July

1-4: Sunday Lunch & readings from Rachel Warriner and Randolph Healy

All events will be in The Guesthouse, 9/10 Chapel Street, Shandon

For more information about events in The Avant Festival go to

In association with the Modernisms Research Centre, UCC

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One Response to SoundEye 2012

  1. Hazel Millar says:

    Hello, I have just heard about your wonderful festival. I am the Managing Editor of BookThug, and we are based in Toronto Canada. I am curious about how you curate the festival and if you invite poets from Canada to attend? One of our poets has expressed a sincere desire to participate in your festival one day and I would love to send you more information about her. I am including my email below and would love to hear from you.

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